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After Five Years, Elder Fortuna Completes Assignment as Area Seventy

It is the first time that the Church announces the release of seventies prior to a General Conference

A total of 66 area seventies, as the regional leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are called, will be released this Sunday, August 1, 2021. One of them is Elder Candido Fortuna of the Dominican Republic, who was sustained on April 2, 2016, having completed five years of service.

Elder Fortuna remembers how he felt when he was called as a Seventy. “There were many mixed feelings, especially because of the responsibility that came with the call; to be a witness of Christ to help regulate the affairs of the Church (Doctrine & Covenants 107: 34), but at the same time I felt the hands of God supporting me in this important work of representing Him”.

As an Area Seventy, Elder Fortuna was the Coordinator of the For the Strength of Youth Conference, in which thousands of young people participate each year in a week-long camp. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been virtual the last two years, with the participation of more than three thousand young people from among 27 countries or territories of the Caribbean.

He also chaired several coordinating councils in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and participated in Church conferences in Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Haiti.

As he is being released, Fortuna feels he has fulfilled the responsibility the Lord placed upon him. “I have the feeling of knowing that He [God] has trusted me. Coming to know Christ more and trusting more in His guidance is one of the great blessings of having served these past five years as a Seventy. My testimony and love for Jesus Christ are stronger today,” he emphasizes.

As a final message to members, he expresses that “the most important thing is the way we serve others regardless of our calling. I hope to continue serving the Lord where I am called. I want to do the best I can to help others. I have learned that in each call, my family and I are the most blessed,” he says.

He testifies that “Jesus Christ knows and trusts us despite our weaknesses and imperfections. Let us pray every day to increase our faith and trust in Him and His gospel. "

New Area Seventies

During April 2021 General Conference, Elder Tomas Familia; Elder Julio E. Lee and Elder Paul H. Jean Baptiste were called as Area Seventies. Elder Lee will continue the assignments that Elder Fortuna was carrying out.

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